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Let’s be honest, nobody really likes to visit the hospital, unless of course they either work there or have a hospital worker-friend they visit there. Also, many people dread hospital visits not only because of its characteristically uninteresting atmosphere but also because of the huge sums they have to pay for various healthcare services. And in a country where barely 3% of its citizens are covered by either public or private health insurance, it has become pertinent for more individuals to insulate themselves and their families by getting an affordable health insurance plan.

Health insurance is an agreement whereby an insurance company accedes to undertake the cost implications for medical expenses in cases whereby the person, family or organization insured falls ill or experiences an accident leading to hospitalization. Simply put, health insurance is a three-way relationship with the insurance companies in agreement with hospitals (service providers) to provide cashless treatment to the persons insured.

The importance of health insurance cannot be overstretched. The rising cost of medical care – especially in the private sector – shows the need for more affordable health care considering how a dire event of hospitalization can drill a hole in one’s pocket and lead to outrageous debt. Sometimes, the adverse effects of lack of medical insurance may be more pronounced when the breadwinner of the family is hospitalized.

Numerous types of health plans exist namely Family Health Insurance, Maternity Health Insurance, Travel Health Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Senior Citizen Health Insurance, etc.

Selecting the right insurance policy or provider may be difficult as insurance companies mostly present similar plans. However, there’s a hack around this. Before you purchase a health plan, ensure you look out for important aspects such as:

  1. Minimum Entry Age
  2. Room Rent Capping
  3. Inclusions and Exclusions
  4. Sum Assured
  5. Value Added Benefits and;
  6. Hospital Network

An ideal health insurance policy would provide cover for expenses to the doctor’s consultation fees, emergency ambulance charges, medical test costs, preventive services, hospitalization costs, and even recovery costs on outpatient treatment to an extent, among other things.

Imagine toiling day and night only to burn your entire earnings for expensive medical care? Though there are several ways to live a healthy life and prevent illnesses, one must also insulate oneself from the medical cost implications of other forms of physical harm, such as road traffic accidents, occupational hazards, and other environmental mishaps.

Now you know the importance and benefits of having a reliable insurance policy, do the needful and start one today if you haven’t already. At AlleanzaHealth HMO, our core objective is to provide seamless access to the best medical services at the most competitive prices. We have an advanced operations team traversing Customer Care, Medical Services and Information Technology, all of whom work round-the-clock to ensure optimal levels of service satisfaction for all enrollees.

To speak with us about a customized health cover for you, your family, or your organization, kindly call us on 0818 888 8905 or send an email to

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